Saturday, August 11, 2018

(FB barges muscles intrudes onto my personal FB page.
So what else is new? This is explained in the first paragraph.)

Larry Piltz
Tonight Facebook said I am one of a small number of people (what, half a billion?) being asked to take a survey about their reaching out in cultural ways in some cities and if it was being effective. I said, sure, I'll take the survey. I like to tell people what to do. So, yeah.

Ending about maybe ten years ago (truthfully I have no idea how many years it's been), I was a monthly Gallup Poll respondent for three or four years (no idea how long, really), and my wife for longer. Our two cabins made us officially two households, evidently. So she and I held great sway in American Opinion for a while there. That's when we were doing better as a country, thanks to us! Well, it was under Bush, so maybe not. We weren't  responsible for him though, though we lived in the same town for a while and should have given him a good talking to before AND after he fell on his head). Thank Barb and GHW for that.

 did mostly online and some phone Gallup polls. Some were political. Most were marketing, but with an up or down presidential 'good job' or 'bad job' question at the beginning. I relished that one. I was also a Nielsen family for about three years (see above), one year of which I didn't even have TV. :)  I was also an Arbitron (the radio station ratings company) survey taker for about two or three years (see above) in a row. I could barely believe I was getting all of these serious survey requests. Apparently, they'll take anybody.

Also, I must be Mr. Average American (which is a two-edged inference). Everyone should be like me! What a country that would be! I'm as moderate as an extremist can be! The sky would rain beer and everyone would have affordable homes with beer gutters and beer barrels to collect the stuff, and that would be piped into a system of pipes parallel to your water supply, with keg taps on a parallel set of faucets [actually, I haven't had more than six or seven beers or glasses of wine in at least 20 years, though I still love it
 :( ].

Well, my soapbox is beginning to spin under me, so I'll get to the point. One of the survey questions was an essay test. Something like, 'Why do I feel that Facebook's cultural outreach has been credible?' Did I say it was credible? I must have missed that day in class. Here is my long answer. And you won't be surprised to learn that I ran FB out of characters and had to stop right when I was really getting warmed up. And as you see, I don't really answer the question in a manner in which they would hope or expect.


"I think it's credible only in the sense that Facebook wants its public face to appear to be authentic in its particular outreach but that it's under much more intense pressure to just stay the same and only appear to change or make little inroads that don't make a significant impact.

"Facebook would really have to show me that it rejects all hateful right-wing rhetoric. As you know, left-wing rhetoric can and often does disparage right-wing beliefs and agitprop, but that's because the right-wing is the only 'wing' that is actively trying to destroy its opposite. The left-wing wants to play by the rules and make rules that make it fair for everyone.

The right-wing, by its nature and character and demands of a disappearing demographic, are working hard to shrink the legal voting population with cynical manipulative, well, bullshit lies, and simultaneously trying to pull up the ladder behind them and then either passively or directly attack the people trying to get access to the ladder to a better life. That's not really as partisan as you may think, or maybe not at all. Fascism in this country is sponsored wholly by [certain] Republicans, previously only indirectly, and now directly directly.

Facebook has to choose sides, whether it wants to or not. It can't exist in the fictional center. There is no center right now. There did use to be a moderately sized consensus center. The right-wing abandoned that long ago. The left-wing still occupies the moderate liberal FDR coalition and LBJ coalition (both of which included moderate Republicans, which MAY NO LONGER EXIST; extremist Republicans exist for sure, along with ultraconservatives who feign moderation at times but never or super rarely vote that way).

"Facebook needs to join the side that has always worked for openness and liberalization of access to the American Dream, not like Republicans who have upped their extreme ante even further since 2000 and especially since 2016. We're descending into a willfully and intentionally arranged chaos by right-wing theorists now pulling fascist policies into a coherent but sick political apparatus.

"There is now an anti-urge against democracy remaining in the Republican Party except for a literal handful (four fingers and a thumb), about five congresspersons, and they still vote the party line way more times than not. There is not really a Republican Party any longer. It is a death cult - your death, not theirs - and it acts as a hive of Killerized Bees, swarming and stinging people to death, specific people, meaning people mostly not white, which of course must be entirely coincidental, right?

"So in closing, my fallow Americans. There is no center. Facebook has to choose a side. There is not enough organized right-wing actual interest in Facebook other than gaming and stealing from the Facebook system and therefore no significant enough monetization potential for Facebook from the right-wing. Right-wing demographics are shrinking. So right-wing strategists are pulling the rug out from under democracy in calculated and so far successful ways to forestall a more moderate and cohesive American future.

"Facebook wants what? A dangerously split country with the cruelest-by-far faction of the 1% and the most murderous racist bullies in charge? Facebook has an identity crisis, and it has to choose. GO WITH THE BULLIES AND DIE IN THE PYRE OF AMERICA'S ACCIDENTAL EXPERIMENT WITH VIOLENT FASCISM?

OR GO WITH THE PEOPLE TRYING TO EXPAND THE FRANCHISE AND LOVE for harmony, innovation, and honor among non-thieves. Seems a pretty clear choice. Democrats are about healing and helping. [And then the characters ran out. So now FB doesn't have to pay an excess electron luxury tax, even though they are taking away my rights to whine like a Fox News-appearing toddler who isn't allowed to publish anything they want anywhere any time in the private sector, because WHINE WHINE WHINE]."

If I have offended you, I'm sorry. Really. I can go 'over the top', pretty far. But I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I don't like having my feelings hurt either, like when nazis say I shouldn't exist and their complicit allies in the White House and Republican caucus say nothing, nothing but "There are good people on both sides". But I can't really do anything about that now except wish you well and a continuing change of heart. Godspeed.

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