Saturday, August 11, 2018

 (You pay money to run a FB ad. I find it and 'review' it. Passive-    aggressively. Because I don't send it to you ever. Win-win!)
Larry Piltz
August 10 at 12:43 am

This is a photo taken from a Facebook ad. I am using it subversively, because I am a subversive and a positive and helpful fellow. Pasted below is the FB message I wrote to the man in the photo. He's the agency owner. I'm just being honest. Also, you should know, I chickened out and deleted the message before I accidentally sent it. I may be a subversive, but I also retain some manners. It's a part of what makes me positive, and a helpful fellow. 

"No offense or attack intended. You look like a nice guy. Probably nicer than me! But the photo feels a bit strange to me (no expert here, just a weirdo probably). But I cannot help but see a fist raised high for no apparent reason, so one suggestion my mind makes (I think out loud subliminally evidently) is that your fist is raised to hit the woman standing next to you.

I know, silly, stupid. But look. You're facing her, the fist looks like it could come down on her. It's obviously not on purpose or your intention. I'm an idiot, okay, but there's no other reason displayed in the picture for a raised fist than a man about to hit a woman for no reason at all (or if you're dancing, do something with both hands instead, something groovier) except that he's a man and that's what men do.

I know, waste of your time. I'm sorry. But I apparently had to speak. I do wish you well. I do have State Farm auto, homeowners, renters and umbrella policies. I'd still buy them from you if I didn't already have a good relationship with the agency I've worked with for years. So apologies if this message is just beyond the pale for you. I've had caffeine and have too much time on my hands.

But the photo makes no sense to me unless you're either dancing or about to hit someone, or just using your fist to intimidate a photo full of women. I know, stupid. But images matter, in society and in our hearts, and many other men have a thorough history of brutality. Though you look like a nice man. I've had a career in advertising. So I'm warped. I admit it. Though it lasted only three years about forty years ago.

Again, sorry. I'm gone now. Wouldn't darken your doorstep again. Honest. Wishing you well and success. You even look like you deserve a great life, which I do wish you. But lose the fist, or the big smile, preferably both, given your unclear and unidentified animus."

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