Sunday, August 15, 2010

Winter's Beetle in Summer

The pincered beetle is dead
desiccated and fully transparent
empty and upside down
facing the sky
its shell delicate
entirely intact
a shimmering golden amber
leg joints wrapped around
the underside
of a wispish acacia sapling branchlet
and hanging on for dear life
in defiance of
the Wind
the Sun
the Rain
the Cold
the Birds
forewings locked into place
at its sides
protecting the flight wings
its last air long since taken
its little triangular face
closed mouth
and eye holes
all cocked slightly to one side
as if curious
its legs like fingers
grasping tightly
around live wood
in prayer pose
not a supplicant
but in quest
pincers bearing down
and not going anywhere
if it had its way.

Larry Piltz
Indian Cove
Austin, Texas
August 15, 2010

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