Monday, May 5, 2014

                                                   Skunk Dreams.

     Tonight's critter encounter is Traveling Skunk. This is a first for us after 20 years in these woods, and I have to admit I'm totally amused.  I've waited a long time for this!  I don't find Skunk smell that offensive.  It smells like a certain strong herb that some people like to smoke, but much more penetrating and sour, and way past most people's abilities to tolerate.

     Tsavo is the one who needs tolerance though, because he's the one who got sprayed, not at extremely close range, but close enough to thoroughly coat him such that when he walks by,  the air instantly turns from odorless to the full Skunk.  He's wearing it well though, pretending that nothing is out of the ordinary.

     Tsavo walks with a lot of dignity, so it's funny to see him walk by smelling like that, sort of like if he were wearing a tuxedo and walking by with three feet of toilet paper stuck to his shoe.  I think it hurts his pride just a bit.  He can't get away from the smell either.  Still, I'm totally sure he'd rather keep the Skunk smell than be scrubbed with tomato juice or bathed.

     At least Traveling Skunk wasn't inside my cabin like Backdoor Possum was a few nights ago, in the corner of my kitchen.  Luckily, she was pretty easy to shoo back outside.  Maybe this nature train could slow down a bit for a while, before we get visits from Bobcat, Coyote, and Feral Hog.  They can be a whole other level of problem.

     I'm keeping my back door closed now, by the way, day and night.  The front door is the cats' responsibility, but if a critter gets by them they can always hide in the closet, leaving the problem for me, the bouncer.

     Addendum:  The Skunk episode has just taken a bit more of a serious turn.  Tsavo just went into my clothes closet.   I'm still amused, but not quite so totally.

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  1. I've since read that tomato juice won't do very much to eliminate the odor. I read though that H2O2 and baking soda and soapy water help. Here's a link for more thorough info.


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