Wednesday, February 8, 2017

[Not really. Never leave Hitler alone.]

            The U.S. Senate Republicans censured and censored Senator Elizabeth Warren for reading aloud from a text by Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s wife. This is far worse than a misogynistic slapdown and an authoritarian crackdown. It is the first Confederate artillery barrage fired at the United States' Fort Sumter in 1861 by the devil incarnate, the desperate Slave Power.. The mad-hatter fun and games are over, if we didn't know that before.
First, there are no longer any Republicans. They have eagerly engineered their own psychotic break, which is a more than charitable description of their devolution into purposeful madness, and become 21st Century American Nazis, not an exaggeration. Consider them the Founding Fathers of the Resurrected Reich, however their Machiavellian mad-scientist impersonation turns out.
            The only question today is at which historic Station of the Swastika could their ratcheting reign of vengeful terror possibly be halted, if at all, by what will remain of American institutions and what will become of our people. The former Republicans have jettisoned any lingering reluctance about how much violence they will indirectly incite and directly use to forestall what should be their gradual natural subsuming into our demographically evolving democracy. They are such political and personal cowards, and fiends, that they would rather lose their souls, and you lose your lives, than learn how to successfully compete on an even playing field with everyone else.
            Poor little monsters! They are terrified of losing their Entitlement and merely remaining entitled. Self-stroking their most damnable dreads and fondling their stark projectile fantasies, they've driven themselves to believe their craven time has finally arrived, one way or another, and for their own sakes are willing to offer up in living sacrifice the up-and-coming generations to a brutal fate. Never before has an American ruling clique so greatly tempted the inalienable parricidal instinct of their own children.
            I, of course, am not encouraging parricide and instead am urging caution by our myopic star-crossed new rulers, for everyone's sake, even for their pitiful grouping. I don't expect they'll change course though, as they aren't smart enough or mature enough to realize the perfect storm they're whipping up will overwhelm them as well, their cunning be damned.

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