Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love Sublime

It doesn't seem long since the kids were little
but feels forever since we were young.
They've all gone out to prove their mettle
while we sat home and held our tongue.
Now we look around and see each other
with a sense of patience, life, and time
and feel so satisfied we bothered
to take a chance on love sublime.

Love's sublime.
It can't be measured in simple years.
It grows by leaps and bounds each moment
we give our hearts to what we hold dear.
Love's sublime.

I see the faults and shake my head,
check in with the mirror and laugh instead.
The door gets stuck. The car's got problems.
The news dreamed up some new hobgoblins.
The dog's slowing down. The kitten's still crazy.
Good thing there's no time to be lazy.
Yet here's that moment again when the stress peels away,
as we pause with each other on this perfect day.

Love's sublime.
Through the ruts, the bursts of joy, and the tragic,
it's just your average inspired magic
that helps us through each precious new day.
Love's sublime.

There comes a time when the curtain's parted
with a glimpse of life on the other side,
and you swing between tender- and broken-hearted
and wish for a place where you both could hide.
The sweep of the years overwhelms your senses.
The sway of your love and devotion's a tide
to carry you both way beyond your defenses
and beyond the time when you say goodbye.

Love's sublime.
You can read about the miracles.
You can long for wealth and fleeting fame,
but I can hold in my arms a living parable,
the mystery of love in the sound of your name.
Love's sublime.

Larry Piltz
June 25, 2012
Indian Cove

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