Sunday, February 1, 2015

                "Piggy Banker." © Zina Saunders 2009/Via The Rag Blog
                                     We're Focused In Going Forward

                                     We're focused in going forward
                                      hoping we're not moving backward
                                      that our dreams are not shattered
                                      and we're doing things that matter

                                      We have a laser-eye view
                                       of what we surgically need to do
                                       but first we synchronize our attitudes
                                       to increase the odds we're not so screwed

                                      We'll strategize our paradigm
                                       and turn this tanker on a dime
                                       then magnetize our money bomb
                                       and incentivize remaining calm

                             calm calm calm calm take a powder take a balm
                             calm calm calm calm if needed I would sell my mom

                                       I yearn to actionize my sweetheart deal
                                       get skin in the game and watch it peel
                                       then hybridize across the board
                                       take a flier and pull the cord

                                       I'll morally hazard deep cramdowns
                                       and turn the plunge team into clowns
                                       creatively destroy the ranks
                                       of dualistic zombie banks

                                        I'll deconstruct bank stewardship
                                        and ride risk-free the double dip
                                        but why I do this I won't tell
                                        but two code words are soul and sell

                               soul sell soul sell I salivate at the first bell
                               soul sell soul sell it's later that I go to hell

                                        We're focused in going forward
                                         hoping we're not ass backward
                                         that our dreams were not hackered
                                         by some spoiled rich cracker
                                         we're focused in going forward

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