Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Sins of the Patriarchs,
The Spoils of the Sons

A harmful change in conditions
is brought about by the advantaged
taking advantage of the disadvantaged
who have no recourse from
and have no remedy for
what has befallen them
and no one to whom to turn.

What remains?
At what cost?

Meanwhile a father and son team
prominent brigands of the town
buy gold and silver jewelry
off the necks wrists fingers
tongues lips cheeks genitals
and right out of the mouths
and hutches of the disadvantaged
with dimes for their dinners
and encourage them
to strip copper for breakfast
and call it a good day.

My country
would not be
tis of them
if I had my whim

L. A. Piltz
Indian Cove
October 30, 2010

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