Friday, May 27, 2011

Wars Wars Wars of the State

Wars wars wars of the state
Wars of the state
Wars of the state
War is heretofore for the state
The state of the war of forever

There's war in the air
There's war in the sea
There's war in the minds
Of you and of me
There's war of all kinds
Oh say can't you see
That the state of war was meant to be

Wars wars wars of the state
Wars of the state
Wars of the state
War is holy grail for the state
And grist for the mill of bias and hate
God calls and you must never say never
To the sacred wars of the state of forever

The answer to every question is war
It's the reason you're rich or that you're poor
It settles and helps you keep the score
And works its way deeply into your core
You become addicted and beg for more
You know what your trigger finger's for
Then you cry for mercy and hit the floor
With war always the worst is in store

There’s war in the street
There’s war at the gate
There's war if you're early
And war if you're late
If you love wars
Then the wars are just great
Great for the mongers
Who think they're so clever
Great for the state of war that's forever

Do you know what there was
Before there was war
Do you know that peace
Waits right at your door
I'll tell you what
Your trigger finger's for
It's to point out the people
Who start the wars
These whores of war
Who perpetuate gore
Profit from death
And live by the sword
The gore and the sword
And the wars of the state
That state of war
They believe is great
The state of war
Need not be forever
These wars of the state
To them I say never
To you I say
We need to endeavor
To make the peace
The state of forever
To make the peace
The state of forever

Larry Piltz
1984 (with ongoing revision)

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