Thursday, August 7, 2014

Between Something
and Nothing

Is Everything

Do you ever,
when in the middle
of doing something
or doing nothing,
engrossed or apathetic,
distracted or daydreaming,
gently and resoundingly
suddenly wake up
come to
shed just enough
precious old skin
to realize what skin
you might have been living in
and tremble
almost imperceptibly
maybe gasp a bit
at glimpse or intimation
in anticipation
for the promise
of the new
and different

Who I am.  What this is.
Where I am.  Why not
is answer not question.
The purge and urge
to diverge and emerge.
re.  Now.  Wow.

Meow, says Tsavo
under his breath tonight
as he sits the Sphinx
and I crosslegged
on old asphalt that
nature is turning
back to nature
taking its time
under beaming moon
its shadow fingers
of intertwining oak
probing around us,
through us,
tethered branches
overhead swaying
slowly forward and back,
silhouettes reenacting
the rathers and
whethers of lives,
waving to and fro
a shadow show
of dark and glow
back and forth
between particulars
exploring the limits
of true north
of stay and go,
fast or slow
this is your show,
you know.

You feel movement
in your soul
a filled hole
not a role
real for now
you take your bow
you are gifted
and lifted
and a little sifted.

We live thanks to physical
and sublimer forces
beyond our comprehension.
And time is beyond even that.
Though the mind trumps time.
Yet time wins in the end
for now.

What we know
is what we remember.
What we remember
is what we've let go of
to get where we are
in the center.
Larry Piltz
Indian Cove
Austin, Texas

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