Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The swamps are full of bodies
the thickets thick with thieves
connected and corrupt nobodies
with secrets up their sleeves
they operate in shadow
with shady go-betweens
they come from every walk of life
and navigate the seams
their world is one of traitors
from the streets up to the cream
they live one lie to another
their world one big crime scene
some eke out merely fortunes
some sneak into your dreams
some get away with murders
so vile you want to scream
some crimes are crimes of passion
and some just money schemes
these sabotage assassinate
and steal away your dreams
we live our lives for others
for love and self-esteem
yet must always be aware of these
who are not what they seem
you cannot live by bread alone
or love alone it seems
but we all deserve some hope and peace
without some secret team
to steal away our dreams
especially in midstream
and we're always in midstream

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