Friday, May 8, 2015

After Me!

just don't know which way to go
I just can't think here on the brink
am I deranged or mad
if so I'm glad
don't know what else could feel so bad

The paranoids are after me
they want me in their paranoid society
if I can't refuse what would I lose
I mean what's so great about my sanity

But you can have fun out on the run
no you can't stay here they're much too near
can you call a friend
better think again
you never ever know where they have been

The paranoids are onto me
they'll want you too (if you follow me)
so don't act coy or get annoyed
and above all don't get paranoid

Have you got heart and think you're smart
been in good cheer looking in the mirror
cause you can count
on their amount
Uh Oh what happened to my bank account

The interest rate is killing me
do I have to stay in this economy
and if I live under some bridge
can the paranoids still raid my fridge

Oh it gets too expensive living on the defensive
and you can't have quiet unless you buy it
you may just laugh
but I hope you see
that the paranoids are really truly after me

The paranoids are really into me
they'll chase me through infinity
they like my tone hey I'm in their zone
and when I die they'll simply make a clone
The paranoids are
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delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

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