Friday, April 25, 2014

A Remission from Solitude

Young adult squirrel makes its way from tree to tree up to its creekside chinaberry home.  It's not used to having company of any kind and is moving quietly and carefully, keeping an eye on observer cat and the protector as it nears its small treetop nest.  The protector wonders if squirrel can tolerate our parallel presence serenely enough to enjoy its brief remission from solitude.  Observer cat enjoys the fading light and lying on the cool sand, from where his sensory superiority sweeps the vicinity.

The hundred-foot sycamores arc mildly into the deepening blue sky.  Widening circles of their white fluff pollen, a bushelful, cover the ground around the thick trunk towers.  Roaming rivulets of sands show through layered coats of dry giant sycamore leaves and pink-flowered sorrel all along the shoal.  Flattened deer mats of long onion fronds, some domed and flowering, speak of a night's rest and safety.  The protector notices far up the densely wooded rise a horizontal line of a deck and feels completely himself where he sits, not caring to go home ever.  Observer cat isn't hungry yet either.

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