Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Peace Love Sex the Fuse

Sex is not love, love is not sex
some get the two confused
following passion after a fashion
some end up just contused
put on a sexy face
and miss a friend’s embrace
Sex should not be used
like snakes and apes
on steps and ladders
by forward-looking social bladders
who want to change their place
who will not be refused
sex is not love, love is not sex,
though both are better when enthused
and better when your souls are chaste
not better when performed in haste
though best of all profuse
then later you can snooze

Sex is not war, war is not sex
some gets their facts confused
they exert their labor to abuse a neighbor
and make invasion, a poor imitation
of penetration, just blunt sensation
and like rape not by invitation
and not done by some Zeus
who’s turned out on the loose
to do the world a favor
are people made for flu's?
war is not to be used
to bolster weak economies
to fight pretend new enemies
to identify the them’s and me’s
that’s national self-abuse
what’s wrong with just a truce?

Sex is truly unruly peace
and peace is purely sex
and love can sure be gentle
and sometimes gentle sex is best
and if people get your sex confused
it doesn’t make a difference
sex is sex and love is love
your choice can be all the above
no need to make a deference
when stating clear your preference
who wants to make a reference?
sex is great and love is better
fitting like two gloves together
shaking in all kinds of weather
no how matter how you choose friend
you’ve nothing real to lose defend
tis good to be enthused again
especially when fused then
again and again and again you'll grin
when peace love sex are fused

Peace is a chance
the chance for peace
most certainly accrues
as we pay our marching dues
and war still gets refused
while the poor do get some more
control of who comes through their door
and music of the Earth is scored
and played in peace and plowshare stores
when the lion lies down with the ram and Jew
and the lamb with Arabs and Asians too
and the monkey with our maker
the world will be our crew

With Africans providing the boost
we'll spread real gospel and good news
with grace, kind love and with the muse
and blow away humankind blues
life from the leash will be excused
life from the lash will be rescued
now heal, O planetary bruise
there will be no one left confused
with tensions finally defused
the Golden Rule clear not obtuse
with everyone even a moose
to learn the way our spaceship runs
with peace intent and not with guns
our one world only, not nations
with incentive for de-exploitation
as we fly our solar station
with reeducated crews
we’ve nothing real to lose
as we step into the shoes
of peace, love, sex, the fuse
just smile and be amused
and even take that snooze
cause peace love sex are fused
no matter what your views now
tis good to be enthused and how
peace love sex are fused wow
peace love sex the fuse

Larry Piltz
Summer of 1984
Austin, Texas

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