Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Into the Sun

You were under someone’s thumb
Were acting stupid plain dumb
With feelings deep unplumbed
Your heartstrings all undone
And felt as light as a ton
Like there’s no way to truly have fun
Your denominator was minus one
And you were so damned glad you had no gun

You were into the sun
You were into the sun
The laughing and crying of everyone
Into the sun, you were into the sun
With living and giving just begun

So you settled in too fast
Because it was such a blast
To tie yourself to the mast
Then find yourself aghast
To find yourself part of a cast
Of an ignorant play that vast
With direction stuck in a past
And that lies and dies to the last

You were into the sun
You were into the sun
The drifting and shifting of everyone
Into the sun, you were on the run
The lifting and sifting had only begun

You’ve been getting pretty smart
Cause you take things into your heart
Really helping to advance the art
Of really taking part
in a life more sweet than tart
putting joy even before Descartes
in a world where you may freely impart
your essence of love before you depart

The reason for life is no big joke
The answer to death is no big lie
What happens to you is truly clear
What happens to you in just a year
What happens to you in absence of fear
What happens to you can happen for you

Cause you’re into the sun
You’re into the sun
the breathing and teething of everyone
Into the sun, we're into the sun
the believing the heaving until you've won
The appealing of feeling
The wheeling and dealing
The burning, unlearning
The yearning, discerning
The climbing, the timing
The rhythm, the rhyming

You’re into the sun
You’re into the sun
The vying relying of everyone
Into the sun, you’re into the sun
Every daughter, every son
Sisters, brothers everyone
Some will walk, some will run
Some will laugh, why not have fun
The laughing and crying
The living and dying
The loving and trying of everyone
We’re into the sun!

Larry Piltz
Summer of 1984
Austin, Texas

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