Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our Male Enhancement Problem

Unfettered, Unhinged, And Unopposed
Political Domination By Males

While we remain on the subject of what possibly could cause such a great constitutional republic, possibly the most transparent in history, to nevertheless continue to operate by brute legerdemain as if behind an opaque curtain, let's return to the entirely unnecessary spectre obtained from viewing the modern geopolitical history of the United States from approximately eight miles high.

As we return to this, as assiduously related in the linked Noam Chomsky article above, we hypothesize that whatever antisocial and immoral contagion that causes the republic to continue to officially and intransigently cater overgenerously to its most privileged classes in all things must also be causing it to simultaneously act most hostilely toward and be dismissive of its historic underclasses, including women and their rights as supposedly equal citizens.

Of course, this also and interminably includes historically enslaved and currently oppressed racial minorities, hunted down with unjust bigoted laws and thereby imprisoned extrajudicially, and other out-of-favor exploited groups though often huge in sheer numbers, such as workers and their abrogated rights.

This is not to understate the chronic if not seemingly eternal underlying violence and its continuous erupting psychotic manifestations as it pertains to keeping women well shy of equality in private and public matters, as well as keeping them fearful regarding basic levels of survival, both economically and in fear for their lives.

The common thread there is unrepentant exploitation and the absence of reluctance to violently achieve it by the republic.

If we can intuit and isolate what propels the great United States toward and compels it to continue employing its international policies of brute force, violent extortion, and rank intimidation abroad, maybe we can figure out what to do about its bullying evil twin policies at home.

At home, these policies are often enforced just as brutally but alternatively more subliminally, as the mechanisms of self-government have been skillfully and with determination converted into effective means to divide people from one another through the cynical use of legal maneuver both fraudulent and discriminatory, even in the most public of realms.

The goal and achievement of this legalized uber political manipulation and divisiveness is to cause infighting among the out-of-power groups that could otherwise threaten the established order of endemic patriarchy and its entrenched oligarchy, and keep in place its extensive cadre of trained and well-remunerated professional gatekeepers.

This official and perversely glorified behavior underlines and reinforces the corrupt nature of the power employed by the republic, even and especially at its highest levels, and makes necessary the identification of its prime perpetrator in order to most effectively counter it and inaugurate balance in the system, perhaps for the first time in history.

The only universally identifiable correlative factor in this type of official behavior throughout the history of the United States and throughout the history of the world has been political domination by males.

Just sayin'.

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