Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Tiger takes a visit to the veterinarian's office very seriously. He's not sure he can trust the doctor completely to not do something painful or detrimental. He's always hugely relieved to leave the office, and on the drive home his relief is palpable. Also, he lost 1.5 pounds, which is the first time he's weighed less than 23 pounds since I accidentally fattened him up after adopting him from the 12th Street and North Lamar Boulevard area near downtown Austin, an area that contains bountiful Shoal Creek, a diner, a veterinary office, Pease Park, and an acupuncture clinic outside of which he was fed breakfast and dinner and had his battle wounds treated with Chinese herbs and ointments. We celebrated his successful vet visit today by letting him walk around the car interior and look out the windows on the way home. He did very well, venturing only into the front passenger seat and the back seat and learning how to balance himself in traffic. I've always wanted one of my cats to drive around with me like my dogs Star and Mir did. I knew a man whose cat, not in its carrying case, drove with him when he moved from California to Texas. Now that's livin' the dream! The man was a safe driver, and, well, everybody's lucky to get where they're going safely, cat, dog, or human. In the case of visits to the vet, everyone is terrifically relieved and grateful when the current visit ends in a return trip home for all.

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