Thursday, February 20, 2014

From My Best Friend's Dying Days - Scene 1

you dear wife after an angel visit
said goodbye and closed the door

from whom a stroke of nature
had mostly withdrawn her ability
to hold up her head
and navigate a straight line
had suddenly looked up
to see you leave and made
a wobbly insistent beeline
to the door and waited
though you were gone

Opening it I helped her
onto the deck where
she circled and buckled
circled and buckled
even with hands clasped under
her emaciated proud chest
driven in her new strange norm
forward the only way remaining

I guided her back toward the door
it was a cold evening
but she refused 
there was strength
unexpected and unyielding
she circled a few times more
circling and collapsing
circling and collapsing
curling neatly
into tender crumple
coming to rest empty
and instantly asleep
dropped from the world

dear girl reposes in dire exhaustion
blanket stretched now across
and brown fleece coat adding layer
over her gauntness
as a breeze brings more chill 

cradling within herself
ribs moving up and down
breathing finally slowing and relaxed
she suddenly wakes and has to stand
is helped and gently coaxed indoors
into her home warmed for her

she's really struggling tonight
grappling with the throes
seeming still to make it all
her own

All we have
are days and nights
and who is in them.

Have a good day.


  1. From day one through day 6178 in 2009 and continuing, my kindest, most devoted, and most fun friend, even when she wasn't remembering me, and feared or was apprehensive about me. All we have are days, and nights, and who's in them. Have a good day.

  2. Beautiful poem, and heartbreaking.


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