Sunday, February 9, 2014

Star's third from last car ride

A ride?! She's genuinely surprised and excited,
eyes wide, thick tail wagging slowly, then suddenly
plaintive and anxious, remembering the feebleness
that's overtaken her and that belabors each step,
every breath. Yet trusting and eager, Star opens her heart
to one more ride, and, good sport she is, gladly lets me
lift and pose her gently in her usual spot, where
she immediately lies down, allowing gravity
to do most of the work.

Her withered elder's body fully lay against
the lower seat back. She half raises her head
with sheer hope, struggling with its weight.
Demurely, she turns her beautiful face
to the open window, her big soulful eyes
once again reflecting dear sky, soft clouds,
and tall roadside grasses, in radiant hues and
distinguishing sublime shades. She looks happy,
grateful, vulnerable.  She retains neither the strength
nor reflexes needed to counter well the car’s motions,
yet, leaning there, it's obvious she wouldn’t
trade places with anyone, for anything.

Further daring debilitation, and facing an instinctive
fear of being at the mercy of the laws of a world
that follow first strength and power, Star forces herself
up into a sitting position. Then, looking exactly the frail,
emaciated, and ill elder she's become, in weary exhilaration
she basks heartily in the thrilling sights, vigorous breezes,
and profound scents of the limestone cliff, the long lake
laying out below, the gray guardrail, the trees just on
its other side, the roadside flowers, the feelings, and memories
of pleasant and easier times, but never more pleasing
than this moment as we follow our familiar way home.

A tender moment of pure joy and purer heartbreak
crescendoing in union in the eyes of a friend

August 2004


  1. Ten years on. Ten years that happened. Ten years without the dear love of my darling Star, who talked to me and watched over me. Frankly, I'm not really sure how I've made it without you.

  2. In the same time period as above, Star defended me from a vicious dog, even though she could barely stand up and had to lean back against my legs to stay up on her feet, and her growl was barely loud enough to be heard. When the other dog walked away, Star, still leaning back against me, looked up into my eyes and smiled. My heart permanently melted for her at that moment.


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