Friday, March 19, 2010

Cracked Pots and Kettle Black

Larry Piltz

There is no gravity
we are all tiny protoplasmatic
magnetikinetic angels precomposed
of the elements of the indigenous planet
regenerating through intraplanetary processes
and dearly clinging to the surface because
of the mammoth electromagnetic current
charging through the pervading ion field
by sheer static electricity itself we cling
to the Earth’s unimaginably great mass
an overwhelming physical attraction
it’s enough to make your hair stand on end
as we spin through endless and uncharted
invisible planes and loops of cosmic circuitry
we are lightly charged representatives
of universal materials and non-static symbols
of an ongoing infinitesimal macroconscious experiment
using polar opposites madly attracted to each other
bound together in a worldwide steady static cling
we are tiny iron filings on a giant magnetic flywheel
held together lovingly by concentric circumferential equilibria
with absolutely no thanks to gravity

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