Friday, March 19, 2010

A World That Can Get Well

There's something so wrong
about wanting to wake up every day
and the world not be at war somewhere
and for people to not be angry with each other
and hate each other, and for people, children,
not to be starving, not to be hurting
from alienation and violence, from berating
and closeted private acts of harm by family,
who are indifferent to their children's suffering
and even their own suffering, about always
getting out of bed wanting the world
to be a better place to live and to be,
and to want my life, everyone's life,
to be kinder, maybe easier in some ways,
to be more like each of us wants it to be,
however that is, as long as it doesn't
involve hurting anyone else, or ourselves,
because what is a world where everyone
doesn't get the life they most want
or often even a life they can tolerate,
what is a world that begins every day
with wanting a better world to live in,
a world that can get well,
a world we get to live in,
that we can get well in,
a world we can live in

Larry Piltz
Indian Cove
Austin, Texas

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