Friday, March 19, 2010

What It Gives

Did you get out to the wilderness
away from it all out in the wilds
the unknown territory its sights
its forest caves the commanding heights
and claim a place on which to stand
from which to survey this sacred land
and allow yourself a mortal awe
enamored of all that you now saw
and find yourself just reckoning
in magic leaps mere mental feats
of overmind outside confines
the way the land does lilt and lie
and stretches ever toward the sky
until you soon become a part of
something more whole than even your heart
and notice the air as it flows by
suggesting you see with an inner eye
and as you see you hear all is well
true and kind you're free from your shell
free to be how you now become
with no one place where you are from
containing all that you now see
no difference between it and thee
the stillness being all that lives
the silence bringing what it gives

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