Friday, March 19, 2010

Eternal Flame

I looked on the news just the other day
a half hour of hate I just have to say
from where I sat in my easy chair
the only sane stand belonged to my hair
must be we’re near the end of the show
the world could end anytime I know
it’s gone down the tube been strung out on cable
I can see the screen from under the table
can this all be happening so tirelessly
now that we're doing things wirelessly
the worst could happen I believe that this is so
but I don’t understand and never will know
why such smart people had to get up and go
and build so many damned Alamos

Is the price of separation from your senses
equal to the cost you pay to play the game
can you imagine bleeding in the trenches
or someone else there bleeding in your name
though you’re much too young to die you take your chances
so now relax and be as happy with your fame
how could you know you’d dance the final dances
and that you’d be consumed by an old flame

Larry Piltz
Indian Cove
Austin, Texas

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