Friday, March 19, 2010

Life Is Catching

Larry Piltz

Upright and examining rocks
for size, shape, and adaptability of soul
to be set in place where they may belong
when a soft crisp autumn noise above
lifts my attention expectantly upward
in time to catch the last engraved image
of a falling drought-year pin oak leaf
snagged by vestigial twigs of a spindly branch
of a hardy understory tree holding barely on
in the limestone shallows of a parched soil.

Curving folding inward veined angel
winged tips extended catching hold
of perfectly spaced reaching twiggery
in perfectly timed gentle breeze
coming to rest for another forever
in tender precipitous pose
having become the perfect form
even in transition to another

Motion and sound pause in respect
for a life well and thoroughly lived
in the dazzling bright heights of vigor
and in gentle recedings of shade
splendid in each and sacred
to be given the chance

Existence exerts
Life is catching

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