Friday, March 19, 2010

The Messiah Is Always Coming

The Messiah is always coming
with a wink and a constant drumming
with a fife and annoying humming
to a world that believes He'll be slumming
yes the Messiah is always coming

The Messiah is always arriving
with His seatbelt fastened and driving
with his hand out the window high-fiving
all those He says won't be surviving
thank God the Messiah's just jiving

The Messiah is stoically faithful
and should be eternally grateful
that His world can be ever so hateful
His believers so ruthlessly fateful
in keeping His vengeful plate full

The Messiah is always just waiting
for all those of His Creating
to become a little less grating
if not there'll be no hesitating
when His robes get their armor plating

The Messiah is always coming
with a wrench to look at the plumbing
to a world that is down with its dumbing
and whose rationalizations are numbing
which is why He must always be coming

The Messiah is coming to face us
and is thinking He might have to mace us
especially the bullies and racists
on a first come first serve basis
as He retrofits our oasis
too bad the Messiah's in stasis

The Messiah is always coming
to a world that believes He'll be slumming

Larry Piltz
Indian Cove
Austin, Texas

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